We are a patent and design practice that relentlessly pursues perfection…

Inventorship was launched in 2018 with one goal: to continually improve. We innovate to identify and implement the best protection for your ideas. We get patents and designs granted.

Our core values are based on your needs and not ours - our bonus system is based on your satisfaction with our work and on our success in getting you granted rights. We constantly seek and collect feedback and continually adapt our services to best meet your needs. We also relentlessly look for improvements in how we work using research and feedback.

We monitor how our patent drafts perform to identify how best to draft an application that results in useful enforceable rights. Similarly, through monitoring the effect our responses have on the progress of a patent application towards grant we have determined techniques that work - this gives you the greatest chance of getting enforceable protection for your innovations.

We turn ideas into assets you can use…

Businesses are about ideas. We provide intellectual property advice to convert ideas into assets. When you own these assets they can transform your company. That’s why we do what we do.

Getting to know you is our greatest asset and we invest time to understand what drives you and what we can do to help you achieve your commercial goals. It’s worth the effort - you get advice uniquely tailored to your needs.