About Inventorship

Based in Ireland and expert at representing clients before all divisions of the EPO (European Patent Office), Inventorship is a boutique patent and design practice that offers creative thinking for clients of any size. With a strong technical background and over fifteen years’ experience collaborating with start-ups, SMEs and blue chip clients in the US, Europe and Japan, founder and director Richard Gillespie enjoys crafting work that works. 

Legal Services

Trade Secrets: As part of a free initial consultation we can advise on whether your innovation is best protected as a trade secret, a patent or by other means.

Patent Search: We can provide a search report along with an executive summary to guide you on how best to proceed when you are considering applying for a patent and the likelihood of getting a patent for your innovation.

Patent Drafting: We will work closely with you to draft and file superior patent applications, tailored to focus on the most important aspects of your invention. We also advise on where best to seek protection (i.e. Europe, the US, the UK, Ireland, China, Japan, etc).

Patent Prosecution: A patent examiner will examine your application to determine (amongst other things) if the claims are novel an inventive. We are expert at finessing a patent application during examination to maximise the chances that a patent examiner will approve your application for grant.

International Portfolios: We can help you build and manage an international portfolio of patents based on your initial application in any number of countries worldwide.

Commercialisation: It’s important to remember that patents and patent applications are business tools as well as assets - they should strengthen and support your business. We can advise on all aspects of commercialising patents and patent applications to best achieve this end

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