Who is the best patent attorney?

I think I am. However, I fear I’m not alone in that belief. In fact every European patent attorney I have worked with thinks that they are the best - there are excellent patent attorneys in Ireland and each of them have good reasons for thinking this. I’d be disappointed if they didn’t.

But, and this has always bugged me, how do we measure how good a patent attorney is? Even worse (to quote Lord Kelvin) “if you can not measure it, you can not improve it”. So with no way of objectively measuring how I was serving my clients, there was no way I could find to improve my service to them. Indeed, this question is one of the reasons I set up Inventorship - to use objective measurements to improve performance.

So I’m delighted to have taken my first small baby step in public to this end - from now on each email I send has feedback buttons, to make it easier to get feedback on how I’m doing. I want you to have a better experience with us than you would with any other patent firm, and our unique bonus system is based on your feedback - so we’re motivated to give you the best possible service.

And, like a proud parent, I want to show off my new baby - click here to send me an email so I can reply :-)